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Minotaur-Costume by TfProxy
36767 views, 151 favorites, 12 comments
Trying on costumes in the wrong store can be dangerous. This started as an experiment in fur-drawing inspired by Transryu's costume shop universe (on deviantArt)
Dragoniade Rex by TfProxy
17673 views, 89 favorites, 9 comments
My entry for a contest to draw some kind of TF for Dragoniade over on Deviantart
Raptor-tf by TfProxy
16258 views, 101 favorites, 11 comments
This started out as a quick experiement in coloring, and kinda got carried away...
wasp by TfProxy
20719 views, 116 favorites, 13 comments
A request from a while ago that I decided to have a go at.
christmas by TfProxy
28609 views, 91 favorites, 12 comments
I decided at the last minute I couldn't let christmas pass without posting something. So I whipped this up this afternoon, between visiting and dinner. Fastest I've ever done a full pic I think.
liz by TfProxy
18667 views, 114 favorites, 8 comments
Pleasing taste, some monsterism
Halloween grayscale by TfProxy
17287 views, 37 favorites, 9 comments
Happy Halloween! (Black and white because I couldn't finish the color in time). Maybe one of you lucky trick-or-treat'ers will come across _this_ house tonight ;)
spikey noadult by TfProxy
21177 views, 79 favorites, 9 comments
Someone's getting too wrapped up in their work.... (censored version)
Shark by TfProxy
3 images, 68394 views, 284 favorites, 31 comments
Shark TF 1 of 3 - Yeah yeah, my faces need work ;)
Unicorn by TfProxy
2 images, 40218 views, 72 favorites, 20 comments
I was asked by Lizardman this morning to make up a picture for a cover of a story he's doing. Its a businessman-type turning into a female unicorn. Its a little different than the story describes, but I thought it was a good pic anyways and decided to finish it up.