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Dyin' to be a Lion by THE COAST IS NEAR
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Commission for Charrburn on FA!
3765 views, 36 favorites, 5 comments
Pros of turning into a dragon: being able to speak draconic tongues! Cons: you still speak with a distinctly human accent so all the other dragons will make fun of you
My side of an art trade with TheOther-Side on FA. I drew his werebat character! With the summer solstice rapidly approaching, if you’re a nocturnal creature, you better make sure the early morning sun doesn’t blast your face off when you least need it to.
Happy Birbday (Birthday gift art for gaia1234) by THE COAST IS NEAR
2014 views, 29 favorites, 1 comment
@Gaia1234 does really cute TFs so I did a thing for him. Big beaks ahoy!
Some art for @ DrawsPig on Twitter because he's doing a worldbuilding thing involving people shapeshifting into dragons and that's TOTALLY my jam. If you like scenarios and logistics of people turning into dragons, you should definitely check out his work,
2 images, 3252 views, 23 favorites, 4 comments
Wanted to do a comic-book style drawing with hard shadows and hatching. Update 2019-05-23: Added a follow-up pic, further along in the transformation!
put it on my bill by THE COAST IS NEAR
1432 views, 9 favorites, 1 comment
I haven't done any platypus TFs because I feel it would be too obvious of a subject for me, but dangit this was too cute to *not* sketch up
Zilepo, Reignited by THE COAST IS NEAR
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A quick commission for Zilepo(FA)! He's enjoying himself in the Reignited universe
green gal by THE COAST IS NEAR
3515 views, 48 favorites, 3 comments
Just a small comfort-zone werebird girl tf.
It's Urtigg (Birthday gift art for ArcticFFFox) by THE COAST IS NEAR
4195 views, 51 favorites, 4 comments
Arctic's dragon transformations have been, like, super inspirational for me as of late and I wanted to practice some painting stuff. @Arcticfffox