Mario Mario To King Koopa by CreatureMaster

Mario Mario To King Koopa by

Date: 7/23/2022 Views: 2272 Favorites: 8 Comments: 5

Forced Transformation

Remenber when i say that i want to make a series of pixel art of video games protagonist turning into creatures from the game them are from?

Me either, but i decide to return to the idea and draw this

Didnt like some of the stuff i make (like the color palette), but whatever


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He who saves the Princess is doomed to become her captor.


(the new) Bowser, to Luigi, next time they fight: *points at 'Mario'* You think that's your BROTHER? Look around you, Luigi, we're all part of the Mushroom Kingdom's sick game. Every time you save the Princess, you get one step closer to being her captor. And then they just lure some other poor sucker into being the 'hero', all while you lose yourself to the role. Because brother: its-a me, *leans way in* Bowser...


Pitch this to Mashed on YouTube. See if they'll go for it.


We're all just part of the Matrix Neo.


this concept is so so good