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Date: 11/19/2008 Views: 88681 Favorites: 160 Comments: 25


Page 1 - 10. ON HAITUS. I will be finishing this - but been caught up in other projects including my Uni Dissertation and some Commissions. Sorry y'all


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Seems interesting... :)


Well this was a nice suprise go Urbanvixan:)


the friend looks exactly like the chick who's transforming... but good so far


Hmm... Thanks Roxas. I've looked harder at this... What do you reckon? I think it's not actually him that looks like her - it's her that looks like him in the first panel of the second page. That panel's a bit rubbish and I think that's causing it. Thoughts?


Lhis looks intreiging!


hmm, nothing i can say. Have no interest in it but hey, it seems popular.


Heheh. I think that's just cause I'm uploading by increments :) Gets lots of pageviews - not my intention, but if I didn't get the first few pages up, I was never gonna get my ass in gear to finish!


I like how she is changing to a wolf. Look forward to more.


that one vamp has a babyface! lol


Hehe - Yup. He's based on a friend of mine :)


Love the legs and the nack changing - very nice! Why is the TF starting to hurt her? Could it be that the potion/smoke is making her change into a wolf for good? ;)


You said not to say more boobs.. how about.. more penis? :P


I like it so far. Keep it comin.


Or a some PG Breast Expansion as an excuse for more rippage :). Although I thought the potion was going to turn her into something different. (Because of some of the dialog)


Good stuff. While you have gone to great lengths to install significant detail I think your approach to shading is a bit understated. Even a small amount of discernable shadow has a huge effect on realism. For example, go to this page: then scroll down to the two images labeled “The Ref Size slider set to maximum, with, and without shadows”. The picture on the left is without shading (but has “lighting” which as far as most artists are concerned is a type of shading) while the picture on the right has a single level of shading but is otherwise identical. The picture on the right has a dramatically increased sense of depth and realism, even with just a single very simple flat color layer of shadow. As you are already great at line art, detail, and color, I think your art would start to really make an impact with more pronounced shading.


"More penis" pfft she dosn't need a real one her metaphsical one is way better. I have to admit I have never seen a TF comic let alone the first attept at one as good as this I'd pay good money for a commision as.....Damn!


Darkrai, don't stick it out unless you plan to use it (reference to your ":P) and thanks for the comment - it made me giggle ;)


Cheers Cischiral, but I don't use photoshop or anything. All real media. I use GIMP to edit for posting online (and also, for my sins, printed out the fleshtone onto sketchpaper for the vamps to try to get a 'porceline' feel.) I see what you mean though; more overarching contrast on top of the detail. Thanks for the comment; will bear it in mind.


The hand in the 9th page reminds me of the first boss in "illusion of gaia'


awesome. this has been one of the better tf sequences on transfur that ive seen in a looong time. can't wait for the next panels! :-) (ps. anyone knows whatever happened to faolchu?)


PLEASE finish this piece!


Awesomeness! please finish, I want to see her "other form"... ;)


great writing too!


Great! Can't wait to see the other form, apparently~


When is this gonne be finished? o.o really some years ago. ( was just browsing around )