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Horsie by Viergacht
10138 views, 87 favorites, 8 comments
A commission for Spacix, another one I took to help pay for my cat's emergency surgery.
Dragoness by Viergacht
8804 views, 146 favorites, 6 comments
The first emergency-surgery commission is done, for nothere_3 - a lady turning into a dragon via nail polish, which is certainly something I would never have thought up on my own :)
Werewolf Sequence 2 by Viergacht
5077 views, 54 favorites, 1 comment
A sketch for Darius Whitefur.
Werewolf Sequence by Viergacht
4679 views, 46 favorites, 3 comments
A tf sequence for Werwolfram.
Dragonforce by Viergacht
2 images, 9014 views, 92 favorites, 9 comments
They say a pretty girl is like a melody, and she was a track by Dragonforce.
Moot by Viergacht
7098 views, 57 favorites, 8 comments
A were-moose as requested on Twitter
Were-Centaur-Wolf #2 by Viergacht
10407 views, 30 favorites, 5 comments
For this week’s Werewolf Wednesday, it’s the return of everyone’s favorite abomination, the were-centaur-wolf. Aka “how Lew tortures himself with too many limbs and anatomy that makes no sense”. A centaur who was bitten by a werewolf, or a werewolf who was bitten by a centaur . . . or a wolftaur who was bitten by a horse, or a really unlike guy who was bitten by a werewolf AND a werehorse . . . who knows? There’s a naughty version of this, but eh . . . . you don’t wanna see it.
Bloody Roar sketches by Viergacht
4 images, 9844 views, 76 favorites, 5 comments
Unused sketches for a Bloody Roar werefox tf. Uploading in case someone might enjoy them :)
Silao Horsie Transformation by Viergacht
13491 views, 106 favorites, 6 comments
A photomanip commission for Silao. For the seting, I was partly inspired by the folk tale about a witch who turns a man into her steed with a magical bride (memorably illustrated by Stephen Gammell in Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and Henry Fuseli's "The Nightmare". Stock from, Ecathe: and Artreferencesource on DeviantArt
Freefalling by Viergacht
13742 views, 111 favorites, 8 comments
A dragon transformation commission for Nothere - it is actually five distinct large, detailed drawings, this is just a smaller combined version with simple shading to show online. It took a while to do since I was fighting rolling blackouts the whole time, but I'm very happy with how she turned out! Been doing a lot of these types of drawings lately, and I really love drawing dragons (who doesn't?) because I'm a big ol' lizard nerd.