Most Awkward Elevator Ride by Wereskunk

Most Awkward Elevator Ride by

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I was hoping no one would be riding the elevator when I got on. Living on the 23rd floor of a 28 story building meant there was a long way to go down. It was very embarrassing trying to hide my stretched out neck that was now blue in color. It was more silky smooth than my normal skin was, not like anyone would be volunteering to touch it. Too bad for me when there was someone standing there looking at their phone when the elevator got to my floor. I was in a rush, the transformation had started of early in the day and hearing from the news reports I did have long before I would be completely transformed. Still no cure for this transformative virus. I needed to get to the hospital fast if only to make sure I would not be mistaken for a normal Pokémon. I had caught the PokeVirus. I thought I was being safe...

The elevator made its slow descent as I kept transforming. My ears grew much more rounded and larger. They had become blue just like my neck. I was temporarily to touch them but I didn’t. My face stretched and tugged, the face mask I was wearing snapping off and falling to the floor along side my glasses. Least my vision had improved I thought as I knew glasses would no longer fit on my face. My nose was now part of my face, two nostrils replacing my point human nose. Somehow the guy still looking at his phone. “Come on” I thought. It felt like elevator was going down slower than usually.

I felt a popping sensation as fingers fused. Starting to become a flipper. I started at my hand transform with curiosity. Luckily my feet weren’t transforming but I didn’t have much time left. I wasn’t going to make it to the hospital. The transformation was happening to fast. I’ll have to jump into the building’s pool. “Why a Lapras” I thought. I looked at the elevator’s weight capacity (1200 pounds or 10 persons) Well least if I become a Lapras this thing will hold, least that was one less problem. Could a Lapras actually fit into this small boxy elevator? Definitely not. I press the button for Lobby more in a desperate attempt to make elevator move faster.

I paused. A new feeling of warmth came over me. My back grew, least that’s the best way I could describe it. It was like there was a beach ball in my back and it was being inflated. It started off small and grew larger and larger. My new shell was forming, tearing away at my shirt. There was no pain. Just this warmth, that soon turned into arousal. I licked my lips, least what I’ll call the lips, more like my face. I panted a little not sure if it was from anxiety or this strange arousal. I heard to guy yell and say “WTF” the elevator was almost to the lobby but me transforming was making me feel so good. Really good. The guy was freaked out by now. Not sure if he could tell what my current state of mind was. He threw himself further back. Too bad he wasn’t wearing a mask. Hear this virus was very contiguous.

(Lapras in the condo’s pool)

Having started to transform in the building’s elevator and making my way into the building’s outdoor pool just in time as transformation finishes. Don’t like the fact all the people that where in the pool jumped out and are now staring at me.