A Little Birdie Told Me by Wereskunk

A Little Birdie Told Me by

Date: 1/26/2021 Views: 4093 Favorites: 39 Comments: 6

Gender Change - Male to Female

After waking up and realizing that when I walked pass a mirror in my room it wasn’t my girlfriend staring back at me. It was my own reflection. I panicked and called up my girlfriend. Which wasn’t easy as I former had fingers and a quite handy thumb.

‘Ring Ring Ring’

“You have some nerve calling me”.


“Oh? Hehe That’s interesting. Must’ve been that charm I got for you. The one I got you for your birthday. Told you to always wear it. Glad you least took that too heart”.


“The charm has an interesting...side effect. Only happens if person gifted it does something wrong to person they received it from”


“Of course you can’t take it off, that’s part of the magic or in your case curse. You can’t remove it, your parents can’t remove it. Maybe you can ask my sister? ... Nah. She’s probably busy sleeping with other guys... I mean guessing your not used to your new wings. I wonder how long it took you to actually use your phone? Probably would have made me laugh if my heart wasn’t broken”


“Wow, 2 hours. Better get used to them. I don’t think it should be a problem for long. I’m sure you’ll learn soon. Kinda a matter of life and death. I mean I do dislike you very much but kinda don’t wanna see you die”.


“Yes, you deserve this for cheating on me. I can’t believe you. With my own sister! I thought you loved me? What does she have that I don’t! ...But hey look on the bright side of things. With a body like mine...well yours, as well you can sleep with anyone. Guys, ladies... *sighs* I don’t care”.


Yea, it supposed to make you like me. So you can look in the mirror and be reminded what you lost....not only me but yourself.


How can it be a mistake? The charm only curses you if you cheated. There is no mistake.


“You can’t apologize now. Only I can remove curse and quite frankly I don’t feel like it. Good luck to you sweetie. I know you’ll enjoy that new body of yours”.

‘Hangs up’

It was true, I had cheated on my girlfriend. I already felt guilty enough. It was a moment of weakness. Her slightly older and single sister seemed to have a thing for humans. Now I’m paying the price. How long will I stay like this? How can I explain this to my parents who weren’t to keen on me dating a anthropomorphic blue bird in the first place.

We were friends at first then we hit it off. I was so lucky to have her. I’ve never felt more stupid in my entire life. Beside my shirt no longer actually fitting me and the gaping hole in my underwear where a tail popped out of. I have to find a way to make it up to her, if I can...

*Pretty Bird*

It’s been a week since I’ve been stuck as a female bird. Lucky I’ve gotten more used to my new winged hands. My parents had a hard time believing me about my situation but they finally understood but that doesn’t mean they’re happy. In fact they resent me.

Nothing really changed at my job. Noticed my male coworkers are more “nice” to me. That has been an unwanted work dilemma.

My Ex had generously sent me clothes. The ones I told her she looked pretty in. “Guess you’ll look pretty in them now” she told me on the phone with a chuckle. Of course she haven’t forgiven me. Doesn’t matter how much I apologize. I haven’t even forgiven myself.


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it looks goood...i wonder whats gunna happen next


that charm is twitter. lol x3 (btw, good job^^)


Nah... Twitter is extremely aggressive about that, it's clearly not the Twitter logo because the Twitter logo can't have anything added to or superimposed on it, nor can it be a metallic grey. Blue on white background or white on blue only. (yes, I know this is ridiculous, it's why I like to remark on it)

As for what's going to happen next, I suspect wereskunk will need to work on a singing career.


yea, i know, it was just for the shape^^"


TBH the Gf is worse in this situation IMO. I mean yeah, cheater BF is a crappy person for cheating, no argument there. But we can see from his thoughts that he genuinely felt bad for doing it, and this is too much of any crime. Like, this could have ruined COUNTLESS dreams and aspirations he had. Cheating is awful, but on it’s own it doesn’t actually effect the other partner’s future. This completely alters the course of his life. And it also ends his relationship with his parents, so if for whatever reason he can’t support himself he doesn’t have that safety net to fall back on. I mean, if he had “I’m a cheater” tattooed on his forehead or something then at least the effects of that would be because he actually did cheat. Here? Nah. He just lost 30-40% of his max possible dex, the majority of his motor skills are useless, and his hormones are completely different meaning he can’t handle them well. I need a follow up to this


when will you come out with more