Vaporeon Transformation (Redo) by Wereskunk

Vaporeon Transformation (Redo) by

Date: 6/22/2021 Views: 5236 Favorites: 34 Comments: 1


Someone suggested I redo a Vaporeon drawing, they said do one I did this year. I was looking for an older one so redid The First Vaporeon transformation drawing I did and uploaded 6 years ago.

Walking through the halls in the lab I spilt on a strange watery liquid. My clothing quickly dissolved and exposed my naked body. That naked body started changing too. A large finned tailed grow out. My face, ears and head morphed into a more fishy shape. I little black nose, muzzle replaced what was once there.

I tired yelling but all that came out was Vaporeon... I was turning into a Vaporeon. I saw another people. Pointing and gasping at my misfortune. In the back I saw people running towards me with nets...


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Not really sure how much a "net" is gonna help catch someone made out of water :P

But, regardless, Can I be next?