First In Show by Wereskunk

First In Show by

Date: 7/10/2021 Views: 2844 Favorites: 14 Comments: 0


Thought when I got hired to work at a dog show it was to actually help out with the dogs, not be one of the dogs. When my fur started growing out I panicked and tired asking for help but the other employees just laughed. I was slowly becoming a poodle. No one was helping as my muzzle pulled out of my face along side a panting long tongue. Losing my ability to speak I still try asking for help sounding like Scooby Doo. My hands morphed into canine paws. A tail, wagging. Was I happy? No! I asked for help again. They made fun of me more calling a good dog. It only made my tag wag more. Soon I drop into all four, only barks escaped my muzzle. The employees came over and gave me pats.

Guess I did find a job after all…hopefully I win first place.