Tropical Transformation by Wereskunk

Tropical Transformation by

Date: 7/18/2021 Views: 2658 Favorites: 16 Comments: 3

Forced Transformation

Ordered a tropical drink at a bar, the next day I started growing pink feathers and my lips felt hard. So I started growing a big beak. My hands and arms started changing to wings. I called the bar up in a panic. No one was picking up the phone. I managed to loosen my pants enough to start dropping them before my tail feathers tore through my underwear. My hair was falling out and more pink feathers covered my body. My neck stretched and elongate.

By the time someone picked up the phone I hand completely lost my right arm, well it was there just more feathery and wing shaped. I squawked and shuttered my words, as I tried to explain what was happening. They laughed and hung up.

I was screwed. There was no stopping this transformation and I wasn’t getting any help.

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"Aaugh, my tongue is getting so big and weird! pink!! Doesn't the color come from eating shrimp? Pretty sure I read that somewhere... Good thing I love shrimp! Dab on the melted butter, some cocktail sauce..."

"There's no cocktail sauce in the wild," said a passing ibis.

I fell to my ankles and cried out in horror.



Always great to see a nice strong beak on someone. Looks like fun.


I don't see Flamingo transformations very often

Great job I like the bright colours and expression on the face