Sam's BAA-ad Day by wrenzephyr2

Sam's BAA-ad Day by

Date: 11/22/2013 Views: 16062 Favorites: 140 Comments: 6

Forced Transformation

Everything was going so well, Sam thought she found a nice easy job to help pay rent. All she had to do, according to the wanted ad, was help the owner around her farm with a few simple chores. She was excited when she was told her job would be with the sheep. She always loved sheep, they were so fluffy and soft. However once she got out to the field where the sheep were kept, she noticed something was amiss. All the sheep had odd wool coloring or some even had some odd clothing on. It wasn't until she saw the black sheep with the familiar puffy hat that she finally put two and two together. It was too late though, her body instantly began to itch as wool began pushing out from her body.

Not much later, Belle had another little sheep, happily grazing, mind wiped of memories of being human for now. Belle would restore her, but only after she got a few bushels of that beautiful red wool.

Jesse Belle Cain belongs to soul-of-platinum

Ebonii, Sam, and Art by me


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i like jesse hair

not a sheep tf fan but nice work on story and art any how


CUTE! <3 I volunteer I really do! even though not a sheep fan as well


In these sheep best I've seen, I have perhaps seen better. good Ideas


A lovely piece and an even better improvement in your art since your last piece on here


I don`t trust sheep :(


So cute! I automatically volenteer. :3