Halloween Bunny Aftermath by wrenzephyr2

Halloween Bunny Aftermath by

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Mental Shift
Mentally Forced
Mind Blank

This quick project is a host of firsts and experiments for me. This time around I tried to up my sexual content seeing as I frankly have yet to go there. That isn't to say I want all my pieces to be sexy sex sex, but it's nice to know I can moderately produce something like this. Also, I have never been all that great at anthro characters, unless it's part of a sequence I just can't wrap my head around making them.

On another note, the vast majority of my characters are girls with fairly average to less than average bust sizes. This is mostly due to a mixture of me not wanting to be offensive, but mostly because oversized breasts rub me the wrong way. I guess it's a mixture of OCD and my empathy for my characters, but I just find disproportionate breasts hard to picture or draw.

Anyway, this is Sam after the ears finished up her changes. She found that she had really gotten quite the sweet tooth after her change, but was confused why the boys stared at her when she sucked on a lollipop or nibbled her giant candy corn. Boys could be so weird, but kinda cute and sometimes they make her hungry for something else.


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I agree when it comes to breast I prefer average size or a little bigger or smaller.


Awww, she's adorable! Thumbs-up.




Aww, poor Sammy. Here, try some pixie stix-that should keep them from staring so much.