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wolfhalloweenpage by Zho
3 images, 32674 views, 142 favorites, 5 comments
I get a collar from a mysterious benefactor! Halloween ensues
Brown Wolf were wolf by Zho
11099 views, 113 favorites, 7 comments
A commission for brown_wolf on FA, a slightly different linework style here.
Classic-Werewolf-TF by Zho
12139 views, 110 favorites, 11 comments
Just something I decided to draw for no real reason... uhm yeah. he's a werewolf guy
Brownwolf Commission by Zho
10747 views, 102 favorites, 6 comments
A commission. Brownwolf turning into a snow leopard! I personallly imagine he had offended the furry gods when he tried to wear shoes....or something. There's no story behind this though!
FryscTreeCommission by Zho
17619 views, 76 favorites, 10 comments
Finally finished a commission! A colourful gryphon being painted up into a tree. Guest starring my Jackalgirl, with some new clothes
I dream of Zhoe by Zho
21214 views, 72 favorites, 4 comments
Oh Jinx! Always managed to surprise me! Even when I think I'm finally done being a girl.
Happy radioactive accident by Zho
11117 views, 72 favorites, 7 comments
One day people might stop walking through suspicious dark hallways
TwoLitteringBoars by Zho
11612 views, 55 favorites, 3 comments
This is from an oC between me and @Fenchurch. Apparently the woods dislike litter. I wasn't sure about posting it but Fenchurch said I should x3 So yeah! Wild boars rock
Donkey Paint Fore by Zho
9922 views, 54 favorites, 3 comments
I did this for a friend of mine. He loooooooooves being turned into a donkey
Such a horse by Zho
8265 views, 52 favorites, 5 comments
A horse TF as a gift for someone :D