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shenzi by Arania
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This is "Shenzi", Satin Regret's IoDM character - the stylish bohemian singer who wound up on the island with another mythical-synthesized serum. This is one of the few IoDM sequences I did in real media, this one completely colored pencils with a few acrylic/gel pen touches.
bewere by Arania
13 images, 43050 views, 182 favorites, 8 comments
A commission for Canem :3 - A catburglar has had his sights on this house for some time now - a nice neighborhood, yet not closely guarded. the only thing that stands in his way is what he assumes to be a poorly-written sign - yet no actual dog.
TFComic by Silver557
3 images, 43009 views, 234 favorites, 18 comments
New artist around...>.> I did this sequence for a friend the other day, I think it looks good...I just forgot to change the filename >.>"
angoragirl by Cobalt_K
8 images, 42971 views, 299 favorites, 23 comments
A very fluffy goat commission. Denise tries on an angora sweater and doesn't realize how effective it really is. The commissioner has a blog full of fuzzy/wooly TFs like this one:
divinealteration by MageOmega
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A monk becomes part of her patron deity's workings. 3 part sequence...enjoy =)
olivia by Antigra
5 images, 42354 views, 97 favorites, 16 comments
Olivia turning into a praying mantis (Complete!)
nicky by Arania
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This is Nicky, a mafia-style gangster who was getting too close to the truth behind some of the drugs that Feral Labs was using back in the states before they had worked out the kinks. Brought to the island he became the test subject for another rather unique serum.... >3 I'll be uploading a few completed IoDM sequences here in the next week or two which the owners' have seen the final versions of already.
Transfur Husky by DakotaCat
5 images, 42263 views, 328 favorites, 19 comments
A birthday gift causes something... unexpected
Lost In The Sand by Rex_equinox
6 images, 41607 views, 212 favorites, 18 comments
Commision from Dangale Over on FA. He looses his platoon while patroling in Egypt...and accidently stumbles upon Anubis' tomb in which he is taken over...
lauren by Bilious
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Lauren was origonally drawn by another artist who had to step down from IoDM. I had a lot of fun with her last two stages into a yellow mongoose >:3 In the game, Lauren had requested Moreau give her the modification of horns because she thought they looked neat. Talk about body mod XD