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AshleyTFc- by Dusker78
19 images, 90243 views, 718 favorites, 24 comments
Here's the colored version of the non-canon TF sequence based upon characters from my comic strip. There are a few inside jokes that only readers of my strip would understand. However, it should hopefully remain enjoyable for non-readers, as well.
lowres alex kitsune by Angrboda
3 images, 116634 views, 713 favorites, 21 comments
Commission: yes, another foxgirl. This time it's TG, so if that's your bag, enjoy.
Lion TF color - by Dusker78
12 images, 114597 views, 675 favorites, 53 comments
A twelve page sequence done for Theo Winters. A guy answers a newspaper ad for a position at the zoo and gets a bit more than he bargained for.
suitprt by SentR
3 images, 110895 views, 634 favorites, 49 comments
part 3
Small Fox TF Final by SolidAsp
5 images, 83384 views, 634 favorites, 58 comments
5 page werefox comic commission for BP.
Experiment e by Edmol
6 images, 159157 views, 634 favorites, 38 comments
This is a new translation from SC.
kylee dingo by Taus
5 images, 54688 views, 616 favorites, 19 comments
Commission for @Shadey, involving her character Kaylee getting stuck in the machine she's working on and subsequently being given the opportunity to test it by some of the scientists. Needless to say, she isn't all that happy with them, even if the changes seem to suit her.
karmak by Sirenz
4 images, 113800 views, 592 favorites, 19 comments
Femgrifcs by PickleJuice
12 images, 98223 views, 590 favorites, 9 comments
Female Warrior trespassing, exploting, suffering from a curse.
owlshusc by PickleJuice
7 images, 100253 views, 586 favorites, 27 comments
Huskie Mascot has to go out in the rain... after a weird meteor shower...