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Ant by TfProxy
32442 views, 66 favorites, 16 comments
Self-Portrait in Many Frames by Chrysalis
27892 views, 109 favorites, 18 comments
How do you draw a portrait of a shapeshifter? This way seemed to work pretty well. Drawn with Prismacolor pens, colored with Photoshop. Comments and critique are always appreciated.
A Trashy Bug TF - Commission by Ametf
22058 views, 68 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for Silao on FA. A sequel to his first commission - Looks like that lazy roach didn't dispose of his bug spray properly! Also featuring Nomeking as the Wasp man and Seneca as the Bee.
Multilimbed by Weazel75
12889 views, 38 favorites, 6 comments
Forgot I didn't post this here...
Ant Misbehaving by Ametf
12873 views, 56 favorites, 6 comments
Commission for Nyhgault on FA
Four Arms by Weazel75
11220 views, 37 favorites, 2 comments
Is there anything you WON'T do for money, Ryder? (Also, no Polecat tag. D:)
Livestream Commission: Ant Droplet Ascension by Lucern7
8771 views, 15 favorites, 3 comments
ehh123's commission where an ant gets ascended to a more humanoid form from a mysterious droplet. Whatcha think of my new style?
Buggy canines by Danwolf
5923 views, 15 favorites, 0 comments
An old gift from 2012,I've made it for @Lancefoxx :3 We talked about bug transformations and decided to suprise him,because he liked ants a lot