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[c] A Little Batty by Recurrent
3285 views, 20 favorites, 2 comments
A three stage flat color sequence for WellManicuredMa'am
Werebat [Bday art raffle winner 2022] by Wenzyke
2820 views, 34 favorites, 4 comments
Art for bday art raffle winner 2022 on furaffinity - everythingdrago
Fruit Bat [COM] by Hukeng
948 views, 17 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Oldiblogg!
Showing the beast by DogTFFan23
492 views, 3 favorites, 1 comment
Dealing with the Joker is bad enough but it's got to be worse when he can shift back and fourth between evil clown and clown like manbat.
Bat crazy shifts by DogTFFan23
2 images, 488 views, 3 favorites, 0 comments
I think I drew these a year ago or two
Angrily transforming by DogTFFan23
396 views, 3 favorites, 0 comments
I don't know yet if edit posts like this can Be posted here so l will just have to see
Joker manbat headshot by DogTFFan23
371 views, 3 favorites, 2 comments
On a late night flight. by DogTFFan23
327 views, 4 favorites, 0 comments
First try at making the Joker bat's head the only pale part of his form
Enjoying painful changes by DogTFFan23
312 views, 3 favorites, 0 comments
Finally a new drawing of Joker manbat in mid transformation
Going batty. by DogTFFan23
307 views, 4 favorites, 0 comments
Joker bat is coming out to play. Joker manbat is a concept that hasn't yet been done by DC comics but the idea is so appealing that I have done lots of fanart.