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Day at the beach by Tincrash
9289 views, 79 favorites, 5 comments
Simple Orca TF
Eating uncooked seafood can have serious side-effects. by Ciervo
11848 views, 78 favorites, 2 comments
Hey, sir, please don't wobble on your stool. You could lose your balance. Sir, watch ou...! Clean up to the sushi bar, please. Soy sauce all over the floor... --- Entry for the new artist challenge and belated Shark Week commemoration! Random beachgoer at a shoreside sushi bar gets a surprise.
Shark Week-Commission by Blacksheeptfs
5072 views, 63 favorites, 4 comments
Huge thanks to my friends on Discord for commissioning their OCs as Sharks!
Wet and wild fun! by Mxmaramoose
6539 views, 62 favorites, 2 comments
#OCTransfur day 4! The theme is Wet! So enjoy this rather summery heron harpyTf!
Whale... darn by Demyxia
13718 views, 61 favorites, 5 comments
Long story short- whale taur TF~ Enjoy!
Cat TF Lineart by Vyper
8796 views, 60 favorites, 2 comments
A very interesting day at the beach for Melanie as she slaps on some suntan and sprouts an extra appendage. Beware of the cat tan! >:3
Dragonite TF by Sa_no
6 images, 13591 views, 58 favorites, 2 comments
attacked by black liquid latex
Danger From The Depths FA by KrazyKurt
9296 views, 55 favorites, 1 comment
Be careful when swimming in unknown places! Zelachi was not very careful, and paid for it. And i think now he needs some help with dat strange substance. Until it covers his whole body... forever
[c] Surf's Up - Page 3/3 (Complete) by Recurrent
3 images, 12536 views, 55 favorites, 1 comment
A flat color comic page commission for JerryAndTerry123
Shark trunks by Kitsunefan
7585 views, 55 favorites, 3 comments
Having trouble swimming? Just get magic swim trunks that make you a shark, obviously. for Clothoverlord