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shepherd TF by Mearcu-hound
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Just a little German shepherd transformation
Favorable Cursed Relics by TimidTabby
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"The need to be rid of my clothes immediately felt like an reaction to a deep rooted instinct, not simply needing to relieve my itchy skin against fabric or the heat fuming under them but because it felt wrong; unnatural. I needed to be naked, I needed to shed off human things gradually becoming distressed that I felt strange in this large hairless body. I drop onto the floor on my hands and knees, contorting and flexing my being urging to correct my shape; regain a primal form that I longed to ...
Weekly Routine by ArcticFFFox
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Fursona TF -- personal art from a while ago. First submission on here! ouo
Raptor Feet?? by Ciervo
8394 views, 129 favorites, 14 comments
Something had changed during his nap.
SF Trade Finished Edit by Wuffy23
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When we arranged a tf trade I don think shadow was expecting the tf to be that literal still he seems quite happy with where its going ^^ I tried my paw at some cell shading for this pic due to much prodding to do so from my partner thaylan whitefur lol and althoe not amazing I do feel I could get it very good with practise ^^ Trade with shadowfox
Exotic Awakenings -Cat TF- by TimidTabby
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I'm just going to slip this here before bed. Based on an old story I previous mentioned in the "Foxy Awakening" post, where Tabby discovered the unique website of darling animal beauties that tempts him into unleashing his inner feline freely. The first image is, of course, Tabby embracing the wild surge the ladies on the website have endowed him with. The second the aftermath where Tabby has become his own cat, and one of the ladies has magically appeared to whisk him away to...where ever ...
Werewolf's Angst by TimidTabby
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The full moon rises once again leaving my body blistering in heat and itch, thoughts growing mad with primal needs and desires. I should have left the house when I had a chance, but now my roommates will have to deal with a wily agitated wolf snarling up a storm, what fear I have of chancing chases and bites fleeting when the hunger in my belly bellows to hunt and feed. I'm sorry...but I'm getting more than just used to this curse. I'm enjoying it. And its my own fault I stayed in tonight ...
Nami Goo Takeover by Fox0808
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Puma dream by Splice
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The result of a very intense dream involving mountain lions.
Rat TF doodle by KrazyIvan
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Those skinnerbox tactics in gaming are getting advanced.