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cheetahguy by Bilious
20189 views, 116 favorites, 6 comments
Recent comission- a birthday present for his friend, he had me turn his friend into a cheetah. X3 inked by hand and colored in Open Canvas
YCHA"Anubis goo TF" by Kaju
7 images, 26612 views, 114 favorites, 2 comments
Snapshot 04 by GeckzGo
7916 views, 100 favorites, 14 comments
New running shoes ;)
Cheetaur Night by ArcticFFFox
13684 views, 97 favorites, 5 comments
B/W inks commission for Skips92. Just another Friday night for Skips. You're off guard for one moment and then BAM. Taur. :P
[c] Out for a Run - Complete (4 pages) by Recurrent
4 images, 8522 views, 91 favorites, 3 comments
A commissioned comic page for Shardthedragon01522
Cheetah TF Commission by Birvan
10056 views, 86 favorites, 12 comments
A "commission" I did in 2014. The guy didn't pay, but I had way too much fun with it (especially with the spots) not to share it One of the things I've noticed over time was how many anthros usually have a fully human torso and arms, fully animal head and tail and mixed or animal legs. But considering the term can stretch over many other designs, I decided to stretch things a bit ;p
spottyteef by Gryf
21854 views, 83 favorites, 3 comments
Pic of a friend turning all cheetahish.
Jimmy the cheetah by KageJaganshi
10098 views, 82 favorites, 6 comments
"Oh yeah, I make this look good." Jimmy Wilder from Monkey ghost transforming into a cheetah.
I've been spotted! by Ciervo
9232 views, 74 favorites, 6 comments
Did an OC with @splice tonight; the premise was that I woke up... as an anthro cheetah (TFed via magic mask being stuck on my face during sleep). How would I react? Well... here ya go!
cheetah by Corvidima
8 images, 30549 views, 67 favorites, 20 comments
Finished sculpture! Yay! More detailed descriptions are on the individual pages. Again, this is the end result from the voting I asked for a loooong while back (felines won). sculpture something people would want to see more of? Or just leave it with this one?