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Saber color by Corvidima
6 images, 64570 views, 261 favorites, 22 comments
Commission for Newenglander
otter by Fox0808
6 images, 49365 views, 282 favorites, 24 comments
Alright this one's a bit more recent, and it's another one of my favorites out of my gallery. This was done for KitsuneFan on FA, and it's his character finding some strange brown substance behind a rock. Needless to say he turns out to be rather pleased with the results!
rftbt by PickleJuice
7 images, 44162 views, 115 favorites, 27 comments
With apolagies to BW, Alvin and Dobbes and the transmogrifying spritz bottle do battle! Artist Challenge complete!
dam scene by Soty
42694 views, 156 favorites, 4 comments
And who says shady waste disposal policies are ALWAYS a bad thing? n.n My half of a Secret Santa trade at TF Central. This one goes out to Rusty. :)
Sonix Fox by PickleJuice
22 images, 37048 views, 53 favorites, 15 comments
Pages 19-22 have a detailed TF. The rest is story. Sonix Fox is a story I wrote and sketched years ago. It illustrates why there's so many transformations happening in my universe, AND it explains who is doing it. It's my attempt at a "serious" superhero type comic with real people and real emotions. And foxes. Can't forget the foxes.
CRISPR 3:Out For The Night (this time its not controversial) by KrazyIvan
2 images, 35115 views, 238 favorites, 51 comments
CRSPR Dynamics latest and largely untested product has a undesired effect. Bitch be ODin'
Synthetics by Banana_of_Doom
5 images, 34842 views, 146 favorites, 11 comments
Oh, that pesky science and chemicals, always turning us into something.
horsetfinthechair by Tincrash
33464 views, 160 favorites, 10 comments
Adf Afterparty Color by Taus
32147 views, 304 favorites, 19 comments
Commission for ADF. ^^
Parking up for the Night 1 by Ametf
5 images, 30197 views, 101 favorites, 18 comments
Fox to car tf comic for @Lancefoxx.