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walk in the woods by Wrathofautumn
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Pages Done: 18/??? So here I am, taking a hike in the woods...until I go find a creek off the trail...and should've noticed the "Keep Out sign", but it's been aged and weathered to the point of being indecipherable. For the Zodiac Tf Challenge. What am I? Well, you'll have to read the sequence and see. ;3 Anyhoo, critique and comments are welcome!
Chickentrans by Journey
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this is part of several commitions for Apokol
Chicken punishment by Daniel-kay
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Tough luck if you get a teacher who not only knows magic but has unique ways of punishment
Dragan chickenpunished by Daniel-kay
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This was the result of a chat with me and enigmadragan... We chatted about the first "punishment" pic I did and it somehow got to the point that if the TFed student got changed for not keeping quiet he must have had someone he kept talking with... so Dragan suggested it could have been him, sitting at the right side, and he recieved the same "punishment" for it and this came out :D
A Halloween Bash by Tgwonder
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yep, happens to be a ordinary costume party, but i don't recall having female guests thou. :V
Sam's Cluck by wrenzephyr2
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Sam Allen was confused as she found a nest with no chicken on the farm. She looked around, wondering where the hen was that was supposed to be laying eggs. Now she doesn't have a worry in the world... Or a thought in her tiny little brain for that matter
chicky by Mirandaleigh
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Mebbe it was the toothpaste that did it...
2 Clucky Guys by Kitsunefan
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A Collab with Gaia1234
(SC!) Hen Pecked by TeknicolorTiger
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Another series for my 100 Sketch Challenge. This one for Crowbb; some random chick turning into a real chick(en). Buk buk b'kaw!
BroilerTrans n by Edmol
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