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Reindeers are better than people! by Ciervo
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... and hence, I've given all of you hooves in your stockings this Christmas! ... what, you thought hooves in those ornamental stockings you hang in front of your fireplace? Disembodied hooves? No, ew! I put them in the stockings you wear. In place of your awkward pink human feet. Hooves are much better-adapted for this season of the year, after all. And, you know, they're just better.
Festive Treats by Niche
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My entry for aforementioned holiday art exchange for my friend Rakoonzack, of himself tftging into his german shepherd sona due to some dog tre- er, christmas cookies.
A little help by tfancred
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Nathalie wanted to surprise her boyfriend by giving her little gift this Christmas. Sadly for her, Santa didn't like the idea of someone stealing his job. So with a little bit of Christmas Magic and he got a new helper! Merry Christmas guies! ;-D And if you want to see more of my stuff, you can become my patron :
OSC: Xmas Werewolf by Jakkal
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So a poor guy is just trying to make money on the side by being a mall Santa. After his shift (The working kind) is over, he decides to hit the pub. Only he's a werewolf. And Xmas has full moon in 2015. And oops. But he's not going to let that stop him from drinking. And once everyone runs out in fear, he's got all the beer to himself. It's a win-win, really. Commission for Onom
Nativity Sheep Dress Rehearsal by Amethyst
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An actor in a nativity scene gets a little too close to the role. Done back in 2008.
TheWish by Tim-Kangaroo
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May all YOUR Christmas wishes come true!
Reindeer Tf by Niche
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The cover picture for a holiday art exchange I held on FA back in December.
Reindeer by Hukeng
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Mandatory festive ungulate.
Grinchy Gift by Swatcher
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Grinch TF is something I can pretty much guarantee you is pretty rare.
Reindeer taur gooTF by Kaju
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bigsize : adult :