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Collared With Sketches by KrazyIvan
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Decided to sketch out the rest of the sequence.
Dragoniade Orca TF Sequence by Ciervo
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So, back in fall 2011 Dragoniade commissioned me to do an orca TF for him... and I'm finally getting around to finishing it! Frame one done in graphite; frames 2 through 5 in charcoal :)
Feral Werewolf TF by Dog_Girl_Kari
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Originally had a campsite BG, but got lazy. Adding the sketch in as well as I think it has more character.
Lion to Bunny TF transformation by Tincrash
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A commission for Theo Winters
New Orca™ Integration Wetsuits! by Ciervo
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With this new design, you'll feel like you have a totally new skin! --- Image suggested by Tos that took root in my brain last night and demanded to be drawn first thing after awaking. Leg merger. First time I've drawn that.
Dragonite Nr. 1 by ArcticFFFox
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Transformation potions can appear to be much, much less potent than they actually are. Always consult a professional before use. --- Personal drawing for practice and winding down. I had done a favorite Pokémon test ( this afternoon, after which I did it another time, but with transformation in mind. Whenever I had to pick from two, I asked myself the question "if I could pick only one of two transformation potions, but it'd be a once-in-a-lifeti...
Where do the clothes go when you transform? by Manto
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high quality magic ;)
Cali by Tgwonder
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It's good to read books, and randomly getting clothed. :V Book is, "Cat's Eye Pub" Commission for Chakat Midsnow.
Pyke Goes Equine! by Ciervo
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This is a commission Shadowfox014 got for his friend Pyke. I hear the subject of the image loves it, which makes me feel great :) It was also fun to draw a pleasant, happy TF; I draw too few of them.
AgentCypher Border Collie TF - Sketch Commission by Ciervo
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AgentCypher's second TF in as many days. Looks like he stopped being a kangaroo just in time to start wagging his tail!