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Collared (for Cameroo) by Ciervo
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So, while streaming the other day, Cameroo popped in to watch, unwitting that his transformation art had been some of my favorite since I discovered transformation art. Top of the list was the drawing upon which this picture was based. Presented with a good idea -and having permission for such an homage granted by the artist- I decided to exploit my inspiration and try out a couple new fur brushes I'd gotten after watching something-wild stream his manip process. This picture, then, represen...
New dog collar by Gaia1234
14811 views, 115 favorites, 3 comments
A, dog TF. c: Bow wow!
Catdoom's transformation by Rex_equinox
6 images, 27991 views, 111 favorites, 6 comments
Commission from catdoom.
Automatic Collar by Virmir
13913 views, 105 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for Chase!
Chinese Zodiac Collars by MaLAguA
12 images, 18230 views, 104 favorites, 13 comments
This is a bit of a series i worked on to get me to work under a theme. Siblings get themselves collars that can't seem to make up their mind at the idea of changing genders while also following the trend.
[Patreon]-What's that leash doing there anyway? by Fringedog
2 images, 16027 views, 102 favorites, 4 comments
And the last of the Patreon Pledge sketch rewards, this time for Spacix ! This conclude the sketch rewards for this month. Coming next will be commissioned works to be posted here and likely more watercolor experiments to be posted on my Patreon. For those curious about my Patreon and art hosted there, you can pledge at it here for various reward levels: And with a couple of new backers in recent days, let me also use this post to extend my utmo...
Border Collie tf by Heezy
16151 views, 101 favorites, 5 comments
Request for dogwhocriedboy. This is him transforming into a border collie (his fursona). I changed the shading a little just to try something new. :p
girlToCat by Cobalt_K
32913 views, 99 favorites, 3 comments
Simple girl to cat transformation. The end result looks a little too small in scale, though. Keep in mind this was back before I had much experience drawing quadrupeds.
New Tricks by GrandStorm
18001 views, 99 favorites, 6 comments
Dream Master loves pets, and loves to make you one. Humiliate you, and toy with you. When he gets bored is where things can get tricky.
Walkies by Gryphius
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It's the simple things in life.