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AgentCypher Border Collie TF - Sketch Commission by Ciervo
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AgentCypher's second TF in as many days. Looks like he stopped being a kangaroo just in time to start wagging his tail!
Well I dident see that coming.... by Wuffy23
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So I decided to do a lil experiment over on my FA page giving people a chance to vote for the tf they want to see most, Long story short along with the forms I said he could be I added a mystery tf which won by a long way lol and tbh I don think anyone guessed what I had in mind lol
Unlucky Rabbit's Foot by BengalBoy
8907 views, 27 favorites, 2 comments
Well that mysterious shop selling weird-looking stuff might have been enticing to buy from, but I think you have the chance of leaving with more than you thought you had. Suggested idea from DA.
Reference Pose Study by Blacksheeptfs
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Did a few different animals with this pose while I was on vacation. Love Love LOVE this pose! So PLEASE draw a TF with it if you can, and tag me! :D Found the reference pose (lower right) on an Artist Reference Facebook Group ( All their poses are drawn from AdorkaStock so credit to them for the reference position.
Midnight Wolf by Taitora
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TF practice doodles I drew for Lucariark on Twitter
Tuna Sub - Mermaid TF by Dondedun
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She knew there was something fishy about that tuna sub she ate, it tasted weird. She wondered if the sandwich barista had done something to it. They had.
The umbrella, it does nothing! by Demyxia
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Commission for @thrashwolf who wanted to turn into a latexy/rubbery version of his sona. He left the cause up to me and I decided it'd be fun to dump some goopy latex on him since he's so used to rain anyways!
weaselhead by Zewel
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you got a weaselly lookin face....
Moot by Viergacht
8573 views, 59 favorites, 8 comments
A were-moose as requested on Twitter
"Random Zaps Tend to Do That to People..." by Eccentricchimera
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And here's a rough sketch/kinda inking that I've been planning to do for a while, of a *gasp* non-toony TF! This one features a currently nameless female being transformed into a muscular fox girl by a random burst of magic...that totally came out of nowhere...yep...