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Minotaur-Costume by TfProxy
36380 views, 151 favorites, 12 comments
Trying on costumes in the wrong store can be dangerous. This started as an experiment in fur-drawing inspired by Transryu's costume shop universe (on deviantArt)
Dragon costume by Kanada
4 images, 23939 views, 150 favorites, 9 comments
Halloween Costume tf by Heezy
26007 views, 143 favorites, 5 comments
It's a watchdog, scarecrow, and cowboy(bullboy?) Wanted to draw something Halloweeny before it was too late. :)
Mask of Change by Fringedog
19258 views, 143 favorites, 4 comments
An oldie, but it's popularity has led me to decide to upload it here.
RabValEaster by Shiro
45290 views, 134 favorites, 12 comments
Valerie gets a temporary job as an easter bunny at the mall, but as puts on her costume, she finds herself ripping it apart with her transformation. Her boss, on the other hand, wasn't too upset when he saw her.
strange-candy- by Swatcher
3 images, 39532 views, 129 favorites, 11 comments
Horse Outfit by Fox0808
3 images, 25870 views, 127 favorites, 6 comments
Guy puts on leggings!
Fen Fursuit by Fenchurch
31487 views, 125 favorites, 4 comments
I've been on a merging/costuming TF kick, recently. I know this is kind of a minority TF idea to draw, but I drew a couple of pics I really liked in this vein, like this one, and thought I'd share them. :-3 This is kind of a double TF, as a certain lioness has been turned into a fursuit, and Zho, on putting her on, finds himself turning into a lioness himself!
TFChallenge by Halcyon
21602 views, 119 favorites, 3 comments
Artist Challenge 2 - A friend of mine into a German Shepard, sorta. :P He's always been into special effects makup, seems this batch is a bit too effective.
Adf Hydra Suit Freedom by PickleJuice
22499 views, 112 favorites, 8 comments
Wearing the large suit was deceptive. She was *supposed* to look like a monster, wearing it. But it was, and still is, just a skin-tight leathery suit with claws, tail, and two fake heads. She left it unzipped just an inch in the front. As the night wore on, her body changed under the suit, bulging outwards and connecting new tissues. She enjoyed strutting around the party, the looks from the other costumed people growing more and more disturbed. "Did she always have claws like that?" "No...