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Curse of the Maned Wolf Man by Kresblain
13751 views, 33 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Nightfirer on FA This is what happens when you buy an enchanted wolf suit with a tenancy to come alive in the light of the full moon. Wear it with caution.
Haunted: Black and White Tf by Kuzim
13491 views, 56 favorites, 4 comments
An image that was supposed to be in time for Halloween (look how that turned out), but that lost out I needed to focus on my university work first. The Concept is thus: a couple dress for a costume party- the theme being "black and white", but encounter a strange mist on the way....
Grinchy Gift by Swatcher
12902 views, 38 favorites, 6 comments
Grinch TF is something I can pretty much guarantee you is pretty rare.
Awkward and backward fursuit by Nisharu
12712 views, 48 favorites, 6 comments
Make sure to dress a magic fursuit on the right side and have a reserve magic zipper to not happen this kind of situation.
First Con Experience by RubberDragon
12520 views, 46 favorites, 3 comments
Why do all the hotels I go to have such ugly curtains?
Cat Costume tf by Manto
2 images, 12271 views, 74 favorites, 1 comment
First time drawing this type of tf
Centaur Zipper by Tgwonder
12263 views, 95 favorites, 2 comments
No one wasn't quite sure how a big zipper, just happen to appeared out of thin air. :V
Goblin Mask by Swatcher
12069 views, 33 favorites, 14 comments
At least he knows what he's gonna be NEXT halloween.
Costume shop by Splice
11954 views, 47 favorites, 8 comments
I put all the passion into the squirrel's skin and neglected everything else. But it works, i guess?
Strange Candy Revisited by Swatcher
11923 views, 60 favorites, 7 comments
He thought it was a normal candy... until it started to turn him into a REAL werewolf!