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owlshusc by PickleJuice
7 images, 100208 views, 586 favorites, 27 comments
Huskie Mascot has to go out in the rain... after a weird meteor shower...
G-Shep Fursuit TF by Fox0808
5 images, 58685 views, 269 favorites, 19 comments
*EDIT* All Parts Added! Commission done for PyroAssassin :D (5 parts) German Shepherd Suit :3
LizzycostumeSmall by Daniel-kay
54752 views, 460 favorites, 24 comments
This (un)lucky fellow has learned a lesson there, if you deal with someone making magical costumes don't piss them off... at least not if you planned on taking it OFF again
Scot Skunk Jyomon Suit TF by Fox0808
6 images, 51885 views, 156 favorites, 25 comments
This is a 6 page sequence that I'll be updating over the next few days. Done as a commission for Scot Skunk on FA and DA. His character (Scot Skunk) receives a suit of another character (Jyoumon) as a gift from a certain someone, and he tries it on.. And well, you'll see the rest! ;)
Secretary by Bendzz
4 images, 49339 views, 373 favorites, 9 comments
Just a random collaboration with Deiser for Easter.
Gone very wrong by Juanvaldez
45746 views, 92 favorites, 16 comments
Halloween comes early... too early.
Phoenix-D Sleeper Clothing TF by Fox0808
3 images, 45445 views, 65 favorites, 17 comments
3 pager done for Phoenix-D of his deerphin getting into a bit of wardrobe trouble... :3
RabValEaster by Shiro
45201 views, 134 favorites, 12 comments
Valerie gets a temporary job as an easter bunny at the mall, but as puts on her costume, she finds herself ripping it apart with her transformation. Her boss, on the other hand, wasn't too upset when he saw her.
strange-candy- by Swatcher
3 images, 39404 views, 129 favorites, 11 comments
Walt TF TG Latex Tigress by PickleJuice
37967 views, 216 favorites, 10 comments
Full deluxe color of a man who just got transformed by a latex suit into a shiny tigress. I think I did a halfway decent job on it. Enjoy! I'm open for commissions. Click on my name here on Tranfur and let me know what you think of my prices!