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nm-dolphintf by Tincrash
12601 views, 45 favorites, 5 comments
pirate by Birvan
12536 views, 30 favorites, 4 comments
Cody's halloween costume. He's my IoDM character
Delphin by Superboo
12054 views, 80 favorites, 12 comments
water you talking about, don't you sea what's happening? I keep trying to come up with jokes for this. I CAN'T DO IT. ;__; oh well, the picture is what counts!
dolphinkylee by KyleSarrif
11308 views, 18 favorites, 2 comments
From land to water, he evolves back to his true form.
Dolphin TF by Ciervo
10450 views, 65 favorites, 7 comments
A request for Gryf :) No accompanying story; sorry.
Dolphin Mid Tf Painting by Janexas
10416 views, 49 favorites, 2 comments
Each month I try to do a self reffed painting for my patreon, My patrons get to vote on what they'd like to see :)
Closer to the Seas by Gryphius
10345 views, 66 favorites, 3 comments
"I hobbled forward precariously as my legs stuck fast together, flesh between them pulling and fusing. My feet twisted sharply out to either side, forcing me down to my knees at the edge of the water, wobbling dangerously with rapidly shifting balance. My arms were of little help in balancing, as they were quickly shortening, drawing my hands up to the shoulder and spreading wider into long, clumsy flippers, fingers forming together. A crunching sensation pervaded my sinuses as my nose began its...
dolphin by Huginn
9621 views, 19 favorites, 4 comments
nm-guydolphinTF by Tincrash
9585 views, 45 favorites, 2 comments
Man becomes Flipper! Remember that next time you say you don't care if your tuna is "Dolphin Safe!"
dolphy by Liger
8819 views, 15 favorites, 3 comments
Dolphin Transformation , Colored in Photoshop:)