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Reference Pose Study by Blacksheeptfs
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Did a few different animals with this pose while I was on vacation. Love Love LOVE this pose! So PLEASE draw a TF with it if you can, and tag me! :D Found the reference pose (lower right) on an Artist Reference Facebook Group ( All their poses are drawn from AdorkaStock so credit to them for the reference position.
Between Worlds by Swatcher
9379 views, 69 favorites, 8 comments
Turning from a human into a cartoon donkey is an awkward mess!
Hawhee new year by Binturongboy
9303 views, 72 favorites, 1 comment
Something I worked on for the new year since I've been in a rather donkey mood.
Braying Brew by Kitsunefan
9173 views, 38 favorites, 3 comments
Its that island again
At the bar by Binturongboy
8897 views, 47 favorites, 0 comments
Enjoying my time at pleasure island's bar.
La Donky by Mearcu-hound
8792 views, 49 favorites, 1 comment
an older pic i found going through my flash drives
Commission: Human to Donkey TF by Jakkal
8759 views, 52 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Xaie of FA, of a human turning into a donkey.
Rowena's Little Problem (Commission) by Halcyon
8691 views, 75 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for CobaltK
donkey by KelvinTheLion
8593 views, 33 favorites, 3 comments
A newley transformed donkey. I love Pleasure Island.
Visit Lovely Pleasure Island by Viergacht
8446 views, 53 favorites, 2 comments
Another very nice commissioner to work with. The stock I used reminded me of the little donkey my sister had years ago :) I tried to liven up a fairly static head shot with some other interesting stuff in the frame. It takes some extra work to get all the little elements together but the end result paid off - I think it's one of the better morphs I've done and it was an interesting change of pace from werewolves, although lord knows I love me some werewolves.