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Doe by Tgwonder
13833 views, 89 favorites, 0 comments
Be wary of magical bucks, in the Forrest. :V
Night of the Hunter by DstRoy
10592 views, 82 favorites, 14 comments
Fear, sorrow, pain? The beastly nature waking up? Who knows what pressed his mind. Another werewolf from me, a rare sight as I suck at drawing canines :P And this was drawn in a very fevery state, but it turned alright in the end :D I guess. And to be honest, this is pretty much post-tf, ain't it?
Stay On The Path by Wrathofautumn
13797 views, 78 favorites, 12 comments
There's an old saying when you cross through Will-O-Wisp Woods to always stray on the path of Man. There comes a point where a fork splits along the way, not well known and not well seen but not well hidden. On one path the path is laden with pine leaves and the other is covered with wodden figures looking like bowling pins. Did this man take the path of needles or the path of pins? Either way, he strayed off the path, finding himself paying the consequences. While he changes and shrinks, the f...
Trap TF by Sa_no
9392 views, 76 favorites, 4 comments
BANISHED by Pessimist
9721 views, 75 favorites, 4 comments
Night of the Beast! by Gillpanda
4 images, 14742 views, 71 favorites, 5 comments
A muscle growth sequence for Maxcoyote… a beast becoming more of a beast! Commission for Maxcoyote
Squirrely Punishment by Kitsunefan
10921 views, 68 favorites, 4 comments
They never read the signs.
WereWolf by Blacksheeptfs
3351 views, 62 favorites, 0 comments
careyowl by PickleJuice
12596 views, 61 favorites, 18 comments
Walking through the cursed forest didn't scare Carey. But it should have. Her hair fell out, feathers sprouted from her skin, and scales formed on her hands. The forest shadows moved in different ways as her eyes changed ... she was an owl creature now, and she looked around the forest, her new home. Part of my "use references from US magazine" series
Dawn in the woods by Sa_no
8893 views, 56 favorites, 6 comments
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