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Frog Talk is cheap by Ichihara-chan
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Commission for DashinDarren from FA. TF into a feral frog, not much to add :P Liked this one? I take in-stream commissions for $10/hour, it's a good deal!
Frog Tounge by MjR
7995 views, 32 favorites, 9 comments
I know my submissions are few and far between and I know it's another FROG pin up but what do you expect its my characters 10th anniversary this year.
Frogs.png by THE COAST IS NEAR
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New clickhole article: degenerate internet person draws art based on our articles
Frog in the Throat by Ametf
7581 views, 30 favorites, 0 comments
I have a cold.
Jake Into Frog Tf by Samarline
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Some messy sketches from my FA account, colored in photoshop. Jake Vallory (c) Bakugan/Spin Master
Inner ninja by Danwolf
7464 views, 49 favorites, 0 comments
Transformation comission for Chalur Shouldn't touch glowy ninja throwing stars or you might wake up your inner (Gre)ninja
Frog Prince II by Skuell
7379 views, 47 favorites, 0 comments
Second Frog Prince image, a prequel i guess, mid-tf.
Newtsitting by Bilious
7288 views, 8 favorites, 1 comment
working on designing the final outcome of Newt into a froggy janitor X3 befor and after comparison
Anne Frog Tf Acecomix by AceComix
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Patreon Sneak Peak - Kim Possible to frog TF by tfancred
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If you want to see more of my stuff or if you want to encourage me, you can become my patron at ! For as low as two bucks per month, you'll see two images like this per week and for 5 dollars, you'll also have access to my sequence Friday that has an ongoing sequence! I really need your help to continue produce that many pics! (8 (2$ patrons) to 12 (5 dollars patrons) pics per month MINIMUM!) Sometimes, I post extra stuff, like coloured version. Those are still rare, but I w...