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GriffinTrans by Edmol
16915 views, 120 favorites, 3 comments
Livestream Commission: Gryphon TF by Jakkal
8546 views, 111 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Gibbs/Onom of a human changing into an anthro gryphon of his design.
Gryphons Play Catch by Amber-Aria
10620 views, 93 favorites, 3 comments
This is an in-stream commission for Orioles03, who requested a two-hour sketched transformation sequence. He gave me a couple of choices for the final form, so I decided it'd be fun to try a gryphon TF!
Egyptian Artifact Pt 1 Sketches by Mirandaleigh
8 images, 23718 views, 92 favorites, 2 comments
A statue turns into a griffon taur with a sort of masculine form.
Rubber Pod by Proxer
21680 views, 91 favorites, 2 comments
And to think Blackwell agreed to this.
Siggy's Comic by TigrisG
2 images, 20142 views, 89 favorites, 8 comments
This is a two-page comic of a girl who puts on a saddle that is owned by her friend, but then her friend finds out and hits her with an energy beam (I'd assume from some sort of gun) and this makes her transform into a gryphon. The gryphon-girls words are written in brown, and her friends words are written in white. A commission for Siggy.
Gryphon by Kuma
11133 views, 84 favorites, 14 comments
Just something I threw together really quick.
Trade: Tomek by SepiSnake
9465 views, 82 favorites, 2 comments
An art trade for Tomek1000 of FA.
I have a TAIL!? by Narubi
9191 views, 81 favorites, 6 comments
Wolf Phoenix Griffon Flapper by Comic
13886 views, 77 favorites, 1 comment
The great mishmash of ideas all pulled together in this quick one page transformation. This is meant to be messy so fuck it I'm tired of putting things in my scraps. *I forgot "tribal theme" was another suggestion that was thrown into the mix.