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griffgal by Angrboda
20278 views, 210 favorites, 6 comments
dusted off an old sketch for this one; used it as the basis for this pic, and voila, were-gryphon!
griffoncatsm by Arania
5 images, 20254 views, 32 favorites, 7 comments
Jorg commission 3 of 4 :). A small wildcat is imbued with the same magical energy, unleashing a primal transformation into a large griffon.
Siggy's Comic by TigrisG
2 images, 20142 views, 89 favorites, 8 comments
This is a two-page comic of a girl who puts on a saddle that is owned by her friend, but then her friend finds out and hits her with an energy beam (I'd assume from some sort of gun) and this makes her transform into a gryphon. The gryphon-girls words are written in brown, and her friends words are written in white. A commission for Siggy.
FryscTreeCommission by Zho
19371 views, 76 favorites, 10 comments
Finally finished a commission! A colourful gryphon being painted up into a tree. Guest starring my Jackalgirl, with some new clothes
Tallyn's Transformation by everruler
4 images, 17844 views, 75 favorites, 13 comments
Commissioned by Kenku and Tallyn.
kw-blckgriff-c by BlackRat
17818 views, 61 favorites, 2 comments
Remake 4
griff preview by Mirandaleigh
17637 views, 180 favorites, 18 comments
Part of the last page of a comic comish I just FINALLY finished. I love how it turned out. Guy transforms into a griffin. No negative comments that are non-image related. Full comic is available on my website.
gryphontf by ShadowsMyst
17548 views, 42 favorites, 1 comment
gryffin by Kuma
17322 views, 168 favorites, 15 comments
heheh, was looking at my old griffin pic the other day, and thought i might take another crack at it with some new stuff i've learned ^_^ Really happy with how it came out
gryphcrystal by Gryf
17205 views, 43 favorites, 0 comments