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Eltirth The Gryphon Part One by Wrathofautumn
11668 views, 24 favorites, 3 comments
I would post this as a sequence, but there is a story to it, which I can't do like I did before Transfur got all these renovations. I can make good use of the description now, though. :) This is based on a dream that I had and it was a very vivid one, so I drew it! Eltirith Stargazer was a proud Spellbreaker of Silvermoon City. He had been there when the Alliance abandoned Kael'thas and the Queldorei in their greatest need. He was there when Lor'themar Theron was made regent lord, and he w...
Gryphon by Kuma
11133 views, 84 favorites, 14 comments
Just something I threw together really quick.
Gryphons Play Catch by Amber-Aria
10620 views, 93 favorites, 3 comments
This is an in-stream commission for Orioles03, who requested a two-hour sketched transformation sequence. He gave me a couple of choices for the final form, so I decided it'd be fun to try a gryphon TF!
Gryphon by Manto
10559 views, 64 favorites, 5 comments
I'll draw another version.. with wings
gryphonTF by Jakkal
10429 views, 37 favorites, 2 comments
Sketch of a gryphon TF from behind.
griffin by Faunus
10361 views, 43 favorites, 2 comments
Griffin? Gryphon? Gryffn?
(SC!) A Rare Species by TeknicolorTiger
3 images, 10126 views, 34 favorites, 2 comments
A sequence for Frysco, of his colorful griffin character of the same name, turning into a tree. Probably one of the more disturbing and fun TFs I've done thus far.
Commission: .... another magical mishap? by Fringedog
2 images, 9960 views, 45 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Onom on FA and Weasyl. Now with added "back to normal" image.
Trade: Tomek by SepiSnake
9465 views, 82 favorites, 2 comments
An art trade for Tomek1000 of FA.
Set Your Spirit Free by Corvidima
9408 views, 54 favorites, 4 comments
Taking Yoga classes while on an Art Nouveau kick... add in my favorite middle-eastern dance outfit, and thought the three might combine into something interesting.