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Greer by Emerwyn
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This is a sequence of the character, Greer Cassenwari, who is transforming into a Harris' Hawk. She is owned by Gaia's Perri Indiya. This is the first character I was assigned to as an artist at the Island of Doctor Moreau Roleplay. The first couple of stages are a little old, but I felt they were neccessary. Now we can watch not only the growth of poor Greer, but also the growth of my art as it is spanned over nearly a year!
A Mean Disease by Amber-Aria
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A sketch sequence for my 100 Sketch Challenge. This sequence is for Deiser on Furaffinity, and is the lengthiest TF sequence I've done to date. If you want more information on what exactly's going on in this sequence, visit my FA gallery to see the descriptions associated with each image! Deiser's not looking so good. I think he's coming down with something...
HawkHalfTrans by Edmol
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osp by Liger
5 images, 23059 views, 59 favorites, 2 comments
Free at last he leaps into the air his new form ready for flight.
redtailed by PickleJuice
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A dream of redtailed hawkness. Jarred from the dream by a phsyical change ... in reality...
self tf by Audie
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It gradually transforms by the machine and tool of the right hand.
OSC: First time? Just wing it! by Jakkal
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Commission for @arrowquivershaft of his character Richard who is a werehawk. This is his first time shifting by the light of a full moon. Edit: For those of you that wanted a sequence, your wish has been granted! Arrow commissioned 5 more images to go with it. (#4 was the original)
Hawk Shift by Evion
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Hey, been a while since I had any transforming art to upload here! Hawk is one of those unfortunates from "Changeling: The Lost" (a tabletop RP by White Wolf) who was stolen away by the Fae and subsequently transformed to better suit his purpose. In order to escape, he had to give up his wings to regain some semblance of humanity. Still, there are advanced magical powers that allow Changelings like himself to shapeshift... perhaps that's what's going on here? I dunno! >.>
Anawyn by everruler
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Commissioned by Anawyn.
falnatf nd by Audie
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