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lauren by Bilious
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Lauren was origonally drawn by another artist who had to step down from IoDM. I had a lot of fun with her last two stages into a yellow mongoose >:3 In the game, Lauren had requested Moreau give her the modification of horns because she thought they looked neat. Talk about body mod XD
Sweet Release by Narubi
8599 views, 98 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for a user on FA ^^
Orells First Day by Jgood8
18894 views, 94 favorites, 3 comments
Not sure who did it, but it did somethin.
victor by Bilious
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Another IoDM sequence: Victor also has no idea that the lab's experimental tegu serum will go horirbly awry as well! Hasn't shown signs yet- the man remains ignorant of his horrific fate. edit: Victor has reached 75%! hosnap, is the serum supposed to do THAT?
Commission Snake Bite by SepiSnake
15167 views, 91 favorites, 2 comments
A colored sketch commission for Tofubread of my character Sepi biting his persona, injecting him with the serpent's transformative venom.
Hyenatrans by Silverhyena
17019 views, 90 favorites, 11 comments
Just a drawing I did for fun...or out of boredom, one of the two. Just practicing shading mostly.
Wrong Injection [CM] by Hukeng
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Commission for Yowza. Big lizard lady transformation!
an accident by Sa_no
10497 views, 85 favorites, 7 comments
chert by Bilious
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As always with the sequences for the IoDM RP, each sequence is actually completed, but will only be uploaded as the character changes in the game. Recently, one of the artists for another character had to back out, so I took up Chert here- Nicholas Moreau's highschool bully, later brought to the island for vengefull purposes >:3 Behold, his slow transformation into a rat!
pyrothrd by Baneful
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A little sketch I did of Pyroth before he became almost entirely coyote. Was thinking of the old IoDM rps and how much I miss it.