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Changeling Tale Demo on Steam by Little Napoleon
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We invite all TF fans to play the Demo for our Transformation-Themed Visual Novel, Changeling Tale, whose store page is now live on Steam! To mark the occasion, we've updated the Demo with new, free content: all MacLeod girls' story lines through Chapter 2. You can download it here: >> << (note that you will need to be logged into Steam to see this page) We hope you enjoy the Demo, and if you do, don't forget to add Changelin...
Good piggy by Binturongboy
6464 views, 37 favorites, 2 comments
I really enjoy drawing myself turning into a nice big pig.
Walrus TF by Binturongboy
7420 views, 36 favorites, 0 comments
A sketch I got last year as a b-day gift that was done by @kuma from a friend. I decided to colour it in and I still really love how this looks, I really need to draw myself turning into a walrus again.
Feeling pig-ish by Binturongboy
7922 views, 35 favorites, 4 comments
Another piggy Tf I did a while back.
[YCH] Resisting the Change by Recurrent
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Completed YCH for MacDaRacc plus an additional color variation
Submission -Old Wolf TF- by TimidTabby
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"That time of the month, but with a supernatural twist. Never expected to run into a honest to real Werewolf, more so to have survived being attacked. At least it turns out we don't becoming killing machines with no souls like in the movies and stories, so it still perplexing why that wolf had to pounce and bite me that night. Because of it; now, I go through the same curse every month. I think I'm becoming more accustomed to it than I ever imagined, stripping down to my flesh even befor...
Wolf Link Profile TF by Losipher
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Bunny Boots by Fox-Fireborn
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Commission for Drivergamer127 via FA. Cool guy, cool boots, cool bunny.
Ceanoth the Dragon by Pythoscheetah
3230 views, 24 favorites, 1 comment
Dragonfire3122 seems to be admiring his new tail. And who can really blame him? Animal stock by Nathies-stock, Crysta-stock and Castlegraphics
($) (Old) Draft Dragoniade (2015) by Adaru32
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As the title states, this was a piece I made in 2015. This was commissioned by Dragoniade on Deviantart and Fur Affinity of himself changing into a draft horse. Done on Sai and GIMP with a mouse.