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billyroughdraft by Bilious
8832 views, 8 favorites, 4 comments
An idea for a pose for his final picture... I'm still not quite sure yet, but I liked it >:3
marykebillydoodle by Bilious
13118 views, 7 favorites, 7 comments
Yet another classroom doodle- Maryke (wh's 25% through her transformation into a ruffed lemur) and 75% octopus Billy teasing eachother. There is hate between them, you just know it. If I get the tiem to color this one, I'll move the lineart version to sketches.
billyflop by Bilious
12296 views, 6 favorites, 4 comments
I know you lot all hate Billy and his terrible grossness, but I find him fascinating. Technically, he wouldn't be able to sit up on his own without his chair- so he'd be all flopped and squishy looking all the time D: poor guy. Hard to look badass when you dont' have too many bones left!