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out of the box by dragonwithgames (dudewithgames)
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as the room unfolds in front her...she take a look at herself to admire her new body...maybe she will find a hunk to impress...or who knows __ critiques welcome
Otter Pool Toy by TheRazzDazzler11
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OTTER TIME >>>:3 I've been meaning to draw Kathy as a pool toy for a bit now, finally got around to it UYU This was drawn on December 18, 2022
Tahnook by Weazel75
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I've decided that, alongside my general otter fursona, I'd like a Tanuki form.
No Nudity by Weazel75
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Been redoing some old images.
Tasty clams by Danwolf
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Comission for nyssasemephit WEH !!! Whaz happening ?! I guess he will like zhose clamz much more soon enough. yesyesyesyes Yinglets/scavs belong to :iconValsalia:
Why I Otter... by Fox-Fireborn
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Hallo! Apparently I just got approved to post stuff here, so I'll be throwing up some older drawings over the next few weeks (Nothing dumpy, don't fret) and then I'll post what I draw after ^^ Anywho, older pic, done in 2017, traditional, and a nice TF-themed pun!
Otter Occupation by Weazel75
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Redo of an old picture. The idea well's been dry for a while now.
Stoat Ring by Weazel75
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I didn't get to celebrate Halloween this year. Maybe I still can?
Observer by Weazel75
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Another old image I went back and finished.
Fast Ott Faster Car by Weazel75
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Been a while since my last vehicle TF.