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Bottom of the Pool by Stickmanwww
13573 views, 84 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for JazzOtter on FA. ~~~~~~~~~~ It was a very quiet morning at the Rec centre, the pool hall was quiet and Jazz felt oddly comforted by the private nature of the silence. He had come in early assuming that there'd be a few speed swimming practice sessions going on, but it seemed he had overestimated? Perhaps he had misheard the time... Shrugging it off, he decided to just take a quick dip. Coming back all set and changed from the changeroom, he admired his lucky shell necklace th...
Otter tf by Heezy
9400 views, 83 favorites, 3 comments
Trade with Kitsunefan (FA). Yay for otters. :D
The Other Otter by Tgwonder
12132 views, 82 favorites, 0 comments
Enjoyed the drink? :B
Tribal Weasel by wrenzephyr2
8975 views, 79 favorites, 3 comments
Magic is a crazy thing... sometimes it can help you gain great understanding or power... sometimes it turns a sorceress into a fluffy weasel-otter thing... c'est la vie Wonder what someone has to do to turn back?
Otter Dance! by Strawberrytfs
7776 views, 79 favorites, 8 comments
(First post, test post!) A trade I did with LillyVaine over on FA ^^
Rudder Butts Wanted (Hg3300 and Dusker Roo Com) by Xids
7261 views, 73 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for @pheagleadler and @chaospawpaw Looks like the aquarium just found their new rudder butts Yay otters!!
Ooooo Shiney by Xids
6318 views, 72 favorites, 0 comments
Look like hes found a cool new shiny. X3 Silly otters!
[Patreon]-Otterly Wonderful Change by Fringedog
7023 views, 67 favorites, 0 comments
Done for anonymous
Watery by Foxx
9692 views, 66 favorites, 0 comments
I'm very proud of this one. not only is it a nice ottery TF, but it's a rather good pose at a fun angle. and it's pretty sexy, IMO. =)
TheOtterTFThing by LaraTheLabRat
14189 views, 64 favorites, 12 comments
Some otter TF aftermath scene thing