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No Rudder-Rears Allowed by Virmir
3 images, 16147 views, 62 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for Selden, in which I helped!
River Otter by Oter
3 images, 13914 views, 57 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for orioles03 on FA
Fish Dinner by Virmir
3 images, 13996 views, 56 favorites, 2 comments
As someone who recently started eating the occasional fish dinner, I can testify the realness of this danger. Commission for Dmitriy Fox!
poachers by Luciusappaloosius
24176 views, 56 favorites, 10 comments
"Poachers"... Two sneaky shapeshifters find a way around the law (hey, it only applies to humans, right?) Not that I condone that...
TF Battle by Kitsunefan
22243 views, 56 favorites, 9 comments
Commission for Kenku on FA , him and a friend get in a TF battle with some innocent bystanders in the way.
Tail Time! by TheRazzDazzler11
4134 views, 55 favorites, 11 comments
I tried growing a tail last night x3 This was a fun mini project - I'd love to draw some more of em~ This was drawn on December 21, 2022
When in Japan... by WhenWolvesCryOut
2 images, 12483 views, 54 favorites, 2 comments
First page was just a little gift for a friend who was heading to visit Japan at the time, drawn towards the end of last year. Second image is a continuation of it as a Patreon reward. It seems there might be some side effects left over. Like maybe poofing back into a kitsune any time they partake in japan related activities. Possibly even something as simple as having a bowl of traditional ramen. Maybe.
Surprise, Taur! by Weazel75
12183 views, 54 favorites, 5 comments
Redrawing of an older image.
Hotel de Otter by THE COAST IS NEAR
6569 views, 53 favorites, 6 comments
An otter TF commission for ShanghaiLion(FA)! This is why the hotel shuts down the pool at night.
commission for blueking o by Dragon-Storm
9501 views, 53 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Blueking for the ABC's of TF3 only 19 slots left check it out, also i did this over a livestream as a quickie and i thought it turned out pretty nice