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nm-dolphintf by Tincrash
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Hydra TF- Sketch by Ametf
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Inspired after watching some clips of The Thing and the effects studios stuff ( which never got used, boo!) I liked the body horror alien transformations, the splitting of heads and the contouring on the skin where things had been pushed around. Such as the eye and mouth areas on this pic. I'd like to think the backstory is that a raider slays a hydra, but the beast was guarding a warlock's treasure! In retaliation, a quick curse replaces the dow...
Not on Camera, Please by K-Libra
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A little something for Caturnalia It was just some night where she was talking about her character on a video call. She got really in-depth and it was really fascinating, but it got out of control when her breath went ragged and her hands tensed. Her fingers began to lock and her grimace became so oddly distorted. I couldn't believe that I was watching someone on camera while they actually...
Were-Bat-Eared Fox by Niche
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I wanted to do a little more detailed drawing than I have been doing recently, and its been awhile since I did a painful tf, so here's a very intense transformation of myself into a were-bat-eared fox. I'm quite pleased with this one, very happy with that expression, and do not ask where the pants went. I was sick of drawing pants. Might do more with this in the future.
Kangaroo Crossing by Blacksheeptfs
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Some lucky tourists get to experience the Outback like true locals
Getting used to new legs by Mxmaramoose
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Looks like Orange Tom here is going to have to figure out the hard way how to use four legs instead of two....
Car Troubles by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Commission for Mr.Nibz on Fa. Their character Rachael having some car trouble as they go through some sudden transformation and growth. She'll just have to get a bigger car. One that fits a near 9' anthro.
Chimerical Breakdown by Mxmaramoose
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just some self indulgent tf art of me becoming a mythical chimera ^^
Growing Pains -redo by W0lfB0y
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Good old fashioned werewolf transformation... This was originally a b&w piece I did way back in 2001 that Lars had colored 2006, I still love how creepy this thing turned out.
Livestream Commission: Avian to Wolf Shapeshift by Jakkal
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@ArrowQuivershaft's character Thenyr (An anthro eagle) changing into a werewolf. A common problem on Kaerwyn.