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LSC:Rooth Fire Elemental by Jakkal
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Livestream Commission for Rooth of his Kangaroo/rabbit character. He wanted a sequel pic for another image he had, and he made the mistake of telling me to decide what happens to him. I left it open enough so that if he wants to make it a fire-dragon he could do that, though I kind of like the fire elemental aspect by itself.
Dragon Out by ArcticFFFox
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TF doodles by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Decided to sketch these up, since I haven't done much for transformation art recently. A bit sketchier than i normally do, but I wanted to see how it'd come out. When I sketched this originally, i wanted to sketch some tf types I didn't normally do. So you have a zap, a werewolf change, and a willing/happy change.
Proteus Virus - FurSquared 2020 by Sonicspirit
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So I got to do a bunch of flavor propaganda for FurSquared this year, which was suuuuuper rad! We had a con-wide game again this year, and TF, through the "Proteus virus", was a part of it! Okay, it was kinda deep cut lore stuff that wasn't necessarily easy to decode, and I think really should've had a bigger piece of the con, but hey, I'm biased! The Proteus virus from the con's story gets its name from the real-life Proteus effect, the phenomenon by which an individual's behavior in virtual...
Side Effects by Hukeng
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Needless to say, none of this was mentioned in the job description...
Tired Taur by Mxmaramoose
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Growing a whole new lower half is... tiring to say the least. this Borzoi Taur is gonna have to deal with a lot of new things on this #TFTuseday
Don't Freak Out by Viergacht
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Based on a true story.
My Way to Relax by ArcticFFFox
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Still can't get entirely used to the feeling of a muzzle pressing my face forward. Guess I'll be sleeping in animal form tonight. --- Self-indulgent transformation doodle after Clip Studio paint crashed while I was working on another drawing and lost the entire file. :c Made the post-transformation shot into a neat little wallpaper.
Wolf Paw by Vylpes
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Just some practice of a hand turning into a wolf's paw.
Alligator by Taitora
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