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summer plant sm by Mirandaleigh
22442 views, 162 favorites, 11 comments
If summer had turned into a plant...=p Now you can't complain that the comic doesn't make sense. Here's an alternate TF.
sosiqui by Sirenz
3 images, 55896 views, 132 favorites, 22 comments
Sosiqui's character turning into a sundew plant
venusflytrap by Faunus
22906 views, 83 favorites, 4 comments
She's putting down roots.
Birch TF by Teamtamas
9775 views, 73 favorites, 6 comments
Just Calacene TF to birch C:
pumpkin- by Faunus
30447 views, 72 favorites, 12 comments
For the latest artist challenge...Instant Jack-O-Lantern! Just Open the Box!
YCHA"Pumpkin monster goo TF" by Kaju
13675 views, 71 favorites, 2 comments
YCHA art
Kartonis_Tree_TF by Taus
13020 views, 69 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for Kartonis, featuring the dragon settling into something more botanical.
Water Lily by Niche
13731 views, 57 favorites, 7 comments
Experiment 163-c: Three hours after injection, the subject is still functioning, and rather well. Better than I could have expected after previous tests. Target shows excellent development of traits of both A. mexicanum and the Nymphaeaceae group, although do to the aquatic nature I had to move her to a tank and continue supplying the substance in solvated form. Luckily, she is far enough along that her skin has become permeable to it, as well as the rhizoid projections currently growing from he...
Ecotone by Niche
13113 views, 51 favorites, 1 comment
Older. A pair of transformations into some hybrid animals, a plant-fox and a deer-dragon due to a witch's staff and a unique flower.
nm-nikon plant tf by Tincrash
3 images, 20707 views, 51 favorites, 7 comments
Commission for Nikonraccoon on FA