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Alien Soldier Goo TF(Dinosaur type) by Kaju
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1.UFO is showered in slime man. Slime as alive, and covered the man. 2.Slime came to the cocoon. Machine is mounted on his back. The change machine is making his body. 3.Man was transformed into a figure like dinosaur. He increases the fellow as alien soldier.
Merry goo-ristmas by Kaju
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Merry christmas 3/3
reindeer goo TF by Kaju
3 images, 24526 views, 94 favorites, 1 comment
Blue Rubber Otter TF by Kaju
2 images, 22690 views, 96 favorites, 2 comments
commission art
Wolf goo TF by Kaju
2 images, 22688 views, 121 favorites, 3 comments
Rubber Pod by Proxer
21262 views, 89 favorites, 1 comment
And to think Blackwell agreed to this.
Dragon latex TF(commission art) by Kaju
21262 views, 148 favorites, 9 comments
commission art. Please look from right.
Mail order, Lizard suit TF by Tonde
4 images, 20536 views, 101 favorites, 4 comments
werewolf TF by Kaju
4 images, 19113 views, 78 favorites, 7 comments
Request & YCHA art
Walt Zelle 5 color image by PickleJuice
19062 views, 62 favorites, 8 comments
4 B&W comic inks leading up to this full color image here: Adult version at You get the air pump you are going to use to change yourself into a living gazelle doll. You open the box. You put the hose on your bellybutton and set the air pump for slow so you can enjoy your tf. pfffffff..... it's on, and it's humming along, pushing air at you through the hose. You press the hose to your belly and it goes "ffft" a...