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CMSN: Society's Seal of Approval by wrenzephyr2
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Serena grumbled as she stood in front of the Head of the Society. Once more, she has found herself being reprimanded for her behavior. She rubbed her arm softly, wincing at the squeak of rubber on rubber coming from the suit she was being forced to wear. She crossed her arms more tightly to try and avoid more of the sound, but every tiny movement made a lewd squeak. She wasn't aware the Head was into this sort of Rubber/Latex kink, but perhaps if she played along a bit she could reduce her sente...
Merry goo-ristmas by Kaju
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Merry christmas 3/3
Feral Experiment by Demyxia
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Commission for sl1 of his experiment looking rather peeved as she's forced into a more feral form of her usual looks. We're not really sure what she's supposed to resemble, so I went for something between a wolf and a fox to play it safe. Enjoy~
Swamp Scum by Kyrio
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My first image on transfur. Seemed like a good place to start.
werewolf TF by Kaju
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Request & YCHA art
Twitter bird goo TF by Kaju
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Request with Twitter Translation: @ ■■ _ ■■■ I transformed him. lol
Rubbertiger by Swatcher
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Turning into a solid rubber tiger can be a bit of an uncomfortable process. For Gryf. :)
Kerberos gooTF by Kaju
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Request with Twitter
YCHA"Pumpkin monster goo TF" by Kaju
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YCHA art
Tiger gooTF by Kaju
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Request with Twitter