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Key Turns. Human to Car TF Comic Comm. by Ametf
13403 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for @Tenko on Furaffinity Someone finds himself a strange key without a car... FA Version
dragon goo tf by Kaju
9166 views, 35 favorites, 3 comments
old art(2011)
Don't Look, I'm Changing! by Swatcher
10037 views, 33 favorites, 9 comments
Here's a portrait of my friend Flir about halfway to becoming a rubber lion. Unlike with Gryf, his transformation takes place in a whimsical land of bright colors. This kinda transformation is very pleasant. His skin texture has changed, and his hair has solidified into a sculpted mass. Every time he wants to change a little more, all he has to do is clear his mind of any non-feline thoughts. Before long, he'll be romping about on all fours and staring longingly out of windows. This pic is...
The Shift by Dragonmanmike
8099 views, 31 favorites, 1 comment
Okay I have to start off I simply love the symbiote characters from the marvel universe, but what if they weren't evil. What if they wanted to use thier powers to help people. well it looks like this wolf, no name yet, has gotten one of these. All she has to do is call the symbiote and it covers her head to toe giving her amazing shapeshifting powers Little fun drawing I doodled today while watching TV
Turn to Stone by RubberDragon
8906 views, 30 favorites, 7 comments
A little bit of advice: next time you're sneaking around a science lab don't play with the unlabeled jars. You never know what you're gonna get, and that antidote will always be just out of reach...
Kaeg Soda Dragon by Fox0808
7585 views, 30 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Apsol
Milotic Merge by Gryphius
6374 views, 27 favorites, 1 comment
They never seem to learn when it comes to trying on these mysterious rubber Pokémon costumes... ah well, another permanent addition to the team~
octopus goo tf by Kaju
16883 views, 26 favorites, 1 comment
Pooltoy Orca by Taitora
4170 views, 26 favorites, 0 comments
Summer time An inflatable orca TF sequence for ShadowFox014.
Pooltoy TF/TG Sequence by TheRazzDazzler11
4088 views, 26 favorites, 2 comments
Woo first submission to this site for me :3 I can’t wait to participate in this community UYU This was drawn on October 5, 2022