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Time for bath by GrandStorm
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Falling asleep in the bath tub when you relax can lead to some tub snuggles with DM. He'll even soap ya up and scrub behind your ears for ya. So be ready for a longer bath than you originally planned.
A Plush Lifestyle by ashiinu
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nm-mantosealtfrippedshort by Tincrash
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Man to Seal TF
Playing dirty by Kitsunefan
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Someone cheated at waterguns by adding in something extra
fishtits by ashiinu
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art trade for a friend on twitter
Sealed Deal by Ametf
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A freebie for a friend. Leopard seal tf!
Vaporeon Transformation (Redo) by Wereskunk
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Someone suggested I redo a Vaporeon drawing, they said do one I did this year. I was looking for an older one so redid The First Vaporeon transformation drawing I did and uploaded 6 years ago. Walking through the halls in the lab I spilt on a strange watery liquid. My clothing quickly dissolved and exposed my naked body. That naked body started changing too. A large finned tailed grow out. My face, ears and head morphed into a more fishy shape. I little black nose, muzzle replaced what was o...
Beach Bonanza: Commission by Shadowpelt
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Finished TF commission for @Cyrin! I love this one, ducking seals! Plus it's a bit different for once c:
Pool Day by Gryphius
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The last days of summer are going fast! Better hit the pool while you still can... maybe even stay, since we can always store you for next summer~